Are you coding effectively?

Fast, accurate E/M Coding (evaluation and management) is essential for doctor billing. Here are 5 warning signs that you are not coding effectively. We can help you take a confusing and complicated process and make it fast and simple.

Whether you are learning E/M Coding for the first time or are looking for a tool to do your billing faster, E/M Coding App can help. It is, quite simply, the clearest and best designed E/M coding tool available.

If you manage a group of doctors, E/M Coding App is the best way to teach accurate coding and to improve your billing.

"If your salary is dependent on how well you bill and code, this application is worth tens of thousands of dollars a year to your bottom line."

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7 Reasons Why

  1. By far, the easiest way to do E/M Coding
  2. The best way for new doctors to learn to code
  3. The best way for existing doctors to simplify and improve their coding
  4. Can increase billing by 30% or more
  5. Fast, easy, accurate
  6. Best designed E/M Coding app
  7. Have confidence that your billing will stand up to auditors

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